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What is BetPolls.com?

BetPolls.com is a sports polling website dedicated to providing our users with the betting odds on each game and a user-friendly voting system. The consensus of the picks will be decided by you, our users. Whether you are a sports bettor, just voting to test your knowledge or a sports fan, Bet Polls is the website for you. Sports bettors can use the results as a guide. 

What is BetPolls Fantasy?

BetPolls Fantasy is a 100% free fantasy sports game in which registered users will be able to vote on 3 different options such as Moneyline, Spread and Over/Under and depending on correct results points are earned they will compete in the BetPolls leaderboard. Users will be able to win weekly, monthly and yearly medals, each which have a point value and will be reflected on the ranking system. Winners of randomly announced contest will be able to win prizes. Please click here for rules and detailed explanation of BetPolls Fantasy.

How Does BetPolls.com Work?

Our voting options will include Spread, Moneyline and Over/Under for each game. As soon as the user votes, the results for that game will show. 

Our voting categories will include the following:

  • Basketball (NBA, NCAAM)
  • Football (NFL, NCAAF)
  • Baseball (MLB, World Baseball Classic)
  • Hockey (NHL, International)
  • Soccer (Top domestic leagues, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, UEFA Euro, Nations League and others)
  • Boxing (Coming soon)
  • UFC (Coming soon)
  • Tennis (Grand Slams and Masters only) (Coming soon)
  • Formula 1 (Coming soon)
  • Futures (Champions on every sport, conference winners, division winners) (Coming soon)
  • Special Polls (Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, Grammys and U.S. Elections, among others) (Coming soon)
  • Rugby World Cup (Coming soon)

BetPolls.com will also provide team records, tips, stats and player injuries on each game.

Game Icons Explained

Each game will contain stats and tips. This will be indicated with the following signs:

(Baseball) = Pitcher (for Baseball only)

(Green Logo) = Player will play/Returning from injury

(Red Logo) = Player OUT due to illness/rest

(?) = Player Doubtful

(Cross Logo) = Player Injured

(Betpolls logo) = Tips and stats

Voting will be closed with the game start time. Our betting lines will not change during the day and can be use only as a guide. We reserve the right to close any poll early if there is a drastic change in the line.

For Beginners

  • Favorite vs Underdogs: When odds are released, the most important thing to note is who is the favorite and who is the underdog. The favorite is the team/player expected to win and the underdog is the team/player expected to lose.


              Spread   Moneyline  Over/Under

Lakers     +5            +170

Celtics      -5             -200           218.5

In this example, the Celtics are the favorites and the Lakers are the underdogs. The favorite will always be denoted by the minus sign (-) and the underdog by the plus sign (+)

  • Spread: The spread is a margin of points for which the favorite should win by, to cover and for the underdog to avoid losing by or simply win the game. Using the lines above, the spread for the Lakers Vs Celtics game is 5, meaning that if you pick the Celtics (favorite) they should win by more than 5 points to cover. If you picked the Lakers (Underdog) then it means they have to win or avoid losing by more than 5 points. If the Celtics win by exactly 5 points or the Lakers lose by exactly 5 points, it’s called a “Push” which means a tie and that pick will not be taking into consideration.
  • Moneyline: This is based on who you think will straight up win the game. The favorite will always be denoted by the minus sign (Celtics -200) and the underdog by the plus sign (Lakers +270)
  • Over/Under: This is the total number of points scored in the game by both teams. Using the example above, if the Over/Under for the Lakers Vs Celtics is 218.5, it means that the sum of the points of both teams should be under 218.5 or over 218.5 based on your pick. If you select Over 218.5 and the result is Celtics 118 Lakers 107 then the total is 225 points and you win. If you select under you will lose because the total is greater than 218.5.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] (English or Spanish)