BetPolls Fantasy is a 100% free fantasy sports game in which registered users will be able to vote on 3 different options such as Moneyline, Spread and Over/Under. Users will earn points for correct picks and they will lose points for incorrect picks, so users must carefully select their picks.  Users will compete on the Fantasy and will be able to win prizes such as Amazon Gift Cards on random announced contests throughout the year.

We allow users to create multiple accounts and manage different profiles.

Unregistered users can only vote one time per IP.  Registered users can vote one time with each different profile once logged in.



Registered users will be able to vote on every game in the schedule on 1 to 3 different options: Moneyline (includes tie in soccer), Spread and Over/Under. Each of these options will have a point system which is as follows:

*Updated point system (12/9/2020)

Moneyline win = +5
Moneyline loss = -5
Tie win (Soccer) = +5
Tie loss (soccer) = -2
Spread win = +5
Spread loss = -4
Over/Under win = +5
Over/Under loss = -4

For example: 

                           ML        S    O/U
Dodgers          +110    +1.5   10
Yankees           -120      -1.5

If the final score is Yankees 5 Dodgers 4 and the user votes the following: Yankees Moneyline (win +3), Dodgers +1.5 (win +3) and Over 10 (loss -3), the user will accumulate 3 points because two correct picks (3 + 3 = 6 points) and one incorrect pick (-3 points) will give him, 6 – 3 =  3 points. The user will be able to see the picks in his profile and will be able to track results.

The % of all the votes for each will appear after voting. The polls will close when the game starts.



The Leaderboard will feature results by category, league and time period. Users will be able to filter results.

The Categories and leagues are the following:


  • MLB


  • NFL
  • College Football


  • NBA
  • College Basketball


  • NHL


  • La Liga (Spain 1st division)
  • Premier League (England 1st division)
  • Bundesliga (Germany 1st division)
  • Serie A (Italy 1st division)
  • Ligue 1 (France 1st division)
  • MLS (USA)
  • Liga MX (Mexico 1st division)
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Europa League
  • World Cup
  • UEFA Euro

*More categories will be added soon, including Boxing, MMA, Formula 1 and Golf.


The time period in the leaderboard includes the following:


Ranking (Top overall in all categories)

Last 7 days 
Last 15 days 
Last 30 days
Weekly (Monday to Sunday)
Monthly (Start of the month to end of the month)
Yearly (January 1st to December 31st)

Users will also be able to select any specific period by selecting the period button and the desired dates to see the results of any given period of time.



The BetPolls Ranking Championship is the most coveted prize and its given to the user who finishes the year with the most ranking points. Ranking points are earned by finishing in the top 10 in the weekly leaderboard and it covers all categories and leagues.

The top 10 in the weekly leaderboard will earn the following ranking points:

1st = 25 Points
2nd = 18 points
3rd = 15 points
4th = 12 points
5th = 10 points   
6th = 8 points
7th = 6 points
8th = 4 points
9th = 2 points
10th = 1 point

The ranking points will appear next to the username in parenthesis. Example: JSmith (75)

*Only the weekly leaderboard will earn ranking points


Trophy and Medals

Every week, the top 3 users with the highest ranking will get a gold, silver and bronze trophy next to their username for a week or until someone passes them in the ranking leaderboard. At the end of the year, those who finish in the top 3 will get the trophies in their profile, earn prizes and will enter the Champions List. 

The top 3 users who finish with the most points in the weekly and monthly leaderboard will earn gold, silver and bronze medals. Those medals will show next to their username during the whole week and month, respectively. Also, those medals will show in the user profile medal counter.

The top 3 users who win the yearly leaderboard will earn gold, silver and bronze medals and will have those medals in their user profile medal counter. The difference between the Ranking and the weekly/monthly medals is that the Ranking is a weekly competition where the top 10 users in overall categories will earn ranking points, whereas weekly and monthly medals are given to the top 3 users of the week and the month.

All winners for every sport will also be recorded on the Winners Page in the menu


User Profile

The user profile will show ranking points next to the user name as well as weekly, monthly and yearly points and percentages. Also, the ranking trophy and medals earned during any given week, month and year will appear on the user profile.

Profile explained:

Parenthesis next to user name = Ranking points earned

Y = Yearly points and the percentage will show inside the parenthesis
M = Monthly points and the percentage will show inside the parenthesis
W = Weekly points and the percentage will show inside the parenthesis


Profile example:

JSmith (75)              Y= 45 (45%)   M= 30 (50%)  W: 15 (35%) 

Medals = users will be able to see earned medals


Contests and Prizes will announce contests throughout the year. Contest are not limited to overall leaderboard. Some contest will include specific leagues and sports. For example, one week the contest announced could be the winner of any given week in La Liga or the winner of any given month in NCAA football. Contests will be announced on the contest page on the homepage, so keep checking every once in a while. 

Prizes will consist in gift cards from online websites and apps such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple Store and many others. The user will decide on the gift card he wants and a code will be sent to the email that user registered. 

If there is a tie in points during any given contestthe gift cards value will be split between the winners.



Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues or questions regarding any subject.